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An “idea” that can transform the way your school communicate with parents
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GRAY brings you altogether a new experience of real time updates where you are updated with day-to-day activities of your wards with-in the school premises. GRAY gives parents a direct window to their ward's classroom.

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Easy communication technology for schools…

Mobile Communication through GRAY Brings Parents and Schools Closer

Using GRAY is an excellent way to make the relationship between parents and schools more meaningful. We link schools and parents on a much more immediate and instant level, and this increased involvement is beneficial to the student’s learning experience.

Parents who are deeply involved in their child’s education are able to provide support, help, and other aid to the students. The National Education Association states that “when parents are involved with the educational process then children tends to do better in school and likes school more.

Transitioning all messaging between the school and parents on mobile is an excellent way to make sure parents are constantly updated with important school information.

Enhanced Efficiency

Miracles are rare these days. One miracle we keep wondering about is how mobile apps have transformed education.

Imagine a technology that can bring a student’s everyday attendance, homework, class timetable, school notifications, online fee payments, examination report cards directly to the mobile phone of his/her parents…sounds cool…right ?

The efficiency of Schooling will be greatly enhanced if schools adopt GRAY: The School App as a means of communication, and parents who are busy with work, travel, or other plans will not risk missing notifications informing them about how exactly their child is doing in the school. A system where parents receive an automated text message if their child fails to turn in an assignment or receives a failing grade on an exam would spur parental involvement and make parents more aware of the struggles their child faces on a daily basis.

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Real time Updates

Going Mobile: Raising the Bar on Parent – School Communications

Unlike schools, GRAY: The School App is available round the clock, no need to be worried about schedules anymore.

Our App offers parents and schools the ability to communicate instantly and without the stress and worry of physical meetings. Mobile school notifications and updates can increase the daily involvement of parents with the school and allow for direct communication between schools and parents. Overall, GRAY is an excellent way to make parent-teacher communication more meaningful.

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    Data/Content Acceptance

    At first you have to share your existing data for registering Students & Staff for their personal login Id's to design a one step easy login process to connect your school with GRAY: The School App.‌

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    Now our development and content team comes in action, they will design your personal accounts for every student and teacher so as to make it easily accesible.
    Our world class tech support will guide your staff and parents throughout the process.

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    Just after downloading & installation process from play store, Login & enjoy GRAY The School App.

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