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Smart bulletin board of your school...

Gray helps you in building the most trendy parent-school communication process with the latest technologies available.

Time to leave old methods behind, there is no need of notice board or printed notice paper, this feature works as a bulletin board of your school which can help your school to reach the smart phone of every parent.

This feature of gray helps parents to know about each and every activity of their child & school.

Being a parent is not easy, so gray helps you by sending you direct notifications from principal & teachers related to your child's achievements and performance.
We make parenting easy...

Easy, swift and effective way to assign tasks...

Teachers can share homework and assignment with all the students in one go with the help of easy one touch send to all option.

Now need not to worry about giving every child a personal note regarding homeworks & assignments, we will do it for your precious time by using Gray: The School App.

No assignment paper distributions anymore save your money and paper...turn your school into a smart school with us...use GRAY, go Green

A sigh of relief for those parents who are always worried whether their child is submitting the assignments or not...with our teacher's remark notification option track your child's records.

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Connecting every home with schools...

It helps in creating a pellucid image of your school by sharing social media accounts on the app itself so that the parents can directly access them with us.

No more printed holiday planner to be distributed to every child, we help your school in sending your annual schedule of holidays & events on our app directly to the parents so that they can plan accordingly.

We know you have been working so hard for your school, so we help you in building a prominence image of your school by sharing your each and every distinctive performance or efforts with all users on our app itself.

Track your child's everyday attendance with us...

Gray makes you a smart parent by sending exam schedules to your mobile phones so that your child can prepare well in advance prior to the exams.

Stop worrying about distributing printed exam schedule to every child, send personal exam schedule to every student right at a single click of your smart phones, be a smart teacher with us.

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As the technology is moving fast so as we, GRAY is providing the FCM ( Firebase Cloud Messaging ) - a new solution for messages and notifications with low cost and faster service. Send unlimited event notifications, PTM notifications, news letters, emergency messages & much more will be available right at the swipe of your smart screens within no time.

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In a world of smart phones & smart classes lets make our teachers and parents smart with GRAY, we give them something to relieve them from extra stress of assigning homework in the old fashioned way. Now teachers can use their smartphones to assign homework to every child individually with just a click and parents can access the same on their smartphones.

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Gray brings your child's everyday attendance reports to your smartphones so that you can keep a track of your child's performance because we believe that every school day counts.

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Class Report:

Be a smart parent with GRAY. Gray personally sends your child's progress reports, class grades and examination results to your smartphones so that we can help you understand your child's performance and help them in strengthening their areas of improvement.

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We gives you freedom from the worries about what to pack for the next day's timetable of your child and helps your child in loosing that extra weight of schoolbag by giving you the direct access of your school's timetable right on your smartphones...parenting can be fun with GRAY ! We makes you a smart parent by sending exam schedules directly to your mobile phones so that your child can prepare well in advance prior to the exams.

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School Calendar:

Schools can send their annual holiday and event plannar through our school calendar option available in school links portal, parents can directly access the same and can plan their things accordingly.

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Fee Payments:

With GRAY's smart & secure fee payment option available on the app, make hassle free transactions for your child's school fee from anywhere & anytime just by using your smart phones.

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Being Dexterous:

Gray presents a very special portal whose aim is to give as much as possible information regarding the career that your child is aiming for, Robotics which can be a very interesting field for future leaders, if you are curious enough to learn more then GRAY would love to be your companion in this endless journey of knowing everything. ‌ ‌

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